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Mozilla OS

10 July 2013

After 2 years of development Mozilla the company behind software like Firefox and Thunderbird have released a mobile OS for smartphones following the same principles of openness and innovation as their web browser Firefox.


It is only available in select countries at the moment but there is a release plan set to introduce their new innovation over the next few months

You can check it out at

SEO - Search engine optimisation

25 April 2012

You can have a good looking and functional website providing your users the information and resources that they require , But how do users find your website.
SEO is a combination of different techniques that can make it easier for users to find your website while helping to bring your site up in relevent search results. 


Internet Explorer Six Upgrade Warning

27 February 2012

The ie6-upgrade-warning is a little script that displays a warning message politely informing the user to upgrade the browser to a newer version.


The webpage is still visible behind a transparent background, but access to it is prevented. The idea is to force users to upgrade from IE6 and avoid the website from a bad reputation that website is not rendering correctly in IE6.

For more information or to download the script go to

The first post

18 September 2011

Like all journeys you need to take the first step and for any blog it is the first post. In future posts we will endeavour to provide you with news and tips so check back frequently for current posts. Thank you for visiting my site and I hope that you enjoyed it, until next time take care.